Eyelash Extensions: Everything you need and want to know about this

Eyelash extensions are becoming increasingly popular. And I don’t think that is strange, because it gives you beautiful full and longer lashes. You should actually view the result with your own eyes. It looks natural and beautiful, up to 6 weeks.

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are professionally applied extensions that can be attached to your own eyelash hair using various techniques . The extensions provide length and volume and give you, depending on the technique and the growth cycle of your lashes, up to 4 weeks of fantastic lashes.

In fact, your own eyelashes are extended (literal translation is eyelash extension) with the aim that you get a better look. It’s like your eyes are already made up with mascara.

With eyelash extensions you create beautiful, full eyelashes that stay looking and feminine during a busy workday, holiday! Also ideal for special occasions such as a birthday, a wedding or during the festive season. After the treatment mascara, eyelash paint or an eyelash curler is superfluous! Eyelash Extensions

One-by-one method

The one-by-one method is the most commonly used type of eyelash extensions. With the one-by-one method one eyelash hair is glued to each eyelash, with the result that you have a very natural look. There are different types of eyelash hairs where you have to make a choice in the length, the type of curl and the material of the eyelash extensions.

The advantages of the one-by-one eyelash extension method are the (already mentioned) natural look, the length of use, they last for 6-8 weeks, and makeup is no longer necessary. Eyelash Extensions

How do you choose the right eyelash extension?

In addition to the choice of the type of eyelash extension and the method of applying your eyelash extensions, there are other important points that you must take into account in your choice. For example the amount of eyelash extensions, the type of curl, the length of the extensions, the type of material (synthetic or natural hair) and of course the price.

How many eyelash extensions do I need?

A person has around 90 eyelashes per eye. Depending on the choice of eyelash extensions, the one-by-one method will, for example, attach an eyelash extension to (almost) all eyelash hairs. The choice is yours and do this mainly in consultation with me or your own beautician.

By placing an extension on (almost) all hairs, eyelash loss is almost invisible. Only if you choose not to have an extension placed on every eyelash hair, the eyelashes will initially appear full, but due to natural eyelash loss it will soon become apparent that eyelash (extensions) are missing