Getting rid of Moobs? Get your ass of the sofa!

Not too long ago I heard on the radio that more and more men are ashamed of their male breasts, also called moobs. Let’s be honest, nobody will be happy with hanging breasts in gentlemen. And what will most gentlemen do next? Follow a diet that is too strict. 5 kilos off, but those moobs are still present.

Movement is actually the only answer. Your fat percentage should be reduced to the level that your moobs are no longer visible. A lot of sweat, maybe some tears and maybe even a little bit of blood.

Contrary to what many Tell Sell advertisements want us to believe, it is not possible to lose local fat. Forget about imprints before bedtime!

Start with a full body fitness schedule

To burn as much fat as possible, you need to build up muscle mass. A kilo of muscle mass burns more calories at rest than a kilo of fat. Turning on muscle mass is extremely beneficial for your burning at rest. With 3 days a week you train with a full body fitness schedule the most important muscle groups and you will soon see results. With a full body schedule, you basically do not have to do cardio, so no boring bike, running or cross trainer routines. Yay!

Watch your food

In order to achieve results as quickly as possible, it is wise to also adapt your diet to your training. Remove liquid calories such as fruit juices, cola and other sugary drinks. Start with a good breakfast of complex carbohydrates (oatmeal, brinta, wholemeal bread) and a source of protein. (skimmed chicken fillet on bread, boiled egg).

You can possibly go all the way and make a feeding schedule . For anyone who wants to be less precise with his diet, it might be useful to take a look at how many calories you can eat in a day.

Getting rid of your moobs is not as difficult as it seems. Sufficient and healthy eating and sufficient exercise. With 3 days full body strength training in the week you will soon see results and your moobs will disappear in no time.