Healthy eating is important, but how do you actually do that?

There is a lot to do about healthy eating nowadays. That is understandable and certainly good: it is important that we take good care of ourselves and our bodies. However, that is easier said than done. It is not easy to determine how the fork is really in the handle. In this information era you often can not see the forest through the trees anymore.

The realization that healthy nutrition plays a crucial role in a healthy life is of course very positive. The food you eat is what your body has to do with it. To remain healthy and fit with a well-functioning immune system, you need to get the right nutrients. With that, your body can perform all these special tasks and continue to function properly. Tasks that we as humanity sometimes barely understand and of which we do not always know exactly what role nutrients play in this.

The food manufacturers are big companies that mainly have to make a profit. The health of the consumer and any health consequences are not in the first place. Fortunately, the higher awareness of healthy food among consumers also means that manufacturers have to respond to this. Especially when the competition does it too. And the manufacturers have to comply with all kinds of rules and regulations from the government. These rules are often laid down at European level.

No lack of information

Unfortunately, we also live in a time where you can easily feel that there is an abundance of information. There is not only a lot of information to be found. You also often read conflicting issues. One person calls that drinking alcohol regularly makes you an alcoholic. Somewhere else you read that a daily glass of wine is just healthy. Many people now choose light products to prevent or prevent obesity. If you go deeper into it then quickly read about all kinds of sweeteners that are used. Sweeteners that are artificial and, according to some, harmful to health.

Healthy or slim

In all the attention that is paid around healthy eating, there is a lack of clarity about what is actually healthy. For many people the weight is paramount. And of course, much overweight is a bad thing. A few pounds too much will not cause a big problem so quickly. But with an overweight of ten kilos or more, you can safely speak of an unhealthy situation. Of course, the amount of excess weight also depends on your height, body structure and muscle mass. Due to the growing problem of overweight, it is logical that many people grab light products and that more and more manufacturers are bringing products to the market with fewer calories and often alternative ingredients to keep it tasty.

It is not just about calories

But when you talk about healthy eating, you have to look beyond weight. Your body needs the right nutrients to function properly. So you have to take that into account, with your eating pattern. So that you get a wide range of healthy substances, with which your body can do its job well. Easier said than done. Because you can already make a whole study of that. Because there are a lot of nutrients, all of which have their purpose.

What is wisdom?

How do you deal with all this kind of information? Everyone understands the importance of healthy eating. And most people also want to commit to that. But in order to contain all this, you must have studied almost. In fact, those people who have studied for it often do not know it either. Not infrequently experts and researchers contradict each other. It seems to be impossible for many people.

Of course you will not find the ultimate answer here, but a good tip about how you can handle this more. Two things always seem to come back: Eat varied and in moderation. You get a lot of nutrients through a broad diet. Our body is quite flexible. Once a day no dietary fiber or few vitamins will have no dramatic consequences. However, structurally too little.

A good balance

Make sure you eat anything and try to limit the amount of snacks. Things like chocolate, cookies, chips, fried food and the like. Every once in a while fries, snickers or chips are no problem. But do not make a daily habit of it. And learn to control yourself. Find out how much you need in terms of food in a day. That is very dependent on your physique, metabolism and daily activities. Avoid eating about as much as you consume energy. That balance is the best way to stay healthy in terms of weight.

And those light products?

And do not be too tempted by all those light products. Not that they are all so bad. But the danger is that you think you can eat more of it, without you arriving. You will then consume more than necessary. You get used to it and at other times you may opt for non-light products with all the consequences. Your body is hungry again (habituation) and if there is nothing else, you eat what is available. In doing so, it is a reverse world. Instead of eating what you need, you are guided by a consumption drive. Wanting to eat well. Which means that you then need these products.

Moreover, the light products contain substances on which opinions are divided. Whether and to what extent these substances are harmful will not become much clearer for the time being. Here too, taking is the best advice. And if you manage to drink just such a glass of Coke once in a while, you may wonder if you can not just drink the normal stuff. There may be a relatively large amount of sugar, but such a glass of cola will not have any noticeable consequences.


Actually, there is nothing new under the sun. The advice to eat enough varied food has been heard more often. And to balance your total food intake is also obvious. And in doing so, of course, limiting outright bad food. In most cases, it is not that hard to identify bad food. Nevertheless, it is good to repeat this approach again. Especially in this time with all the controversy around food, in which healthy eating sometimes seems like a ‘mission impossible’.