How to grow a mighty beard?

Beards make a man look hotter. And we don’t mean that little stubble beard, but a long and full beard, that’s what this blog is all about. How do you grow a long beard and how to take care of it? In this blog we will talk about factors that influence the growth of your beard and how you can help your beard a little bit during that process. In our next blog we will tell you how to take proper care of that big beard of yours.

How to grow a full beard faster?

Well, growing a beard is not very heard actually. You just stop shaving and take good care of it. But of course there will be a moment that your beard has grown a little but does not look very great yet, because it is too long for a stylish stubble beard and too short for a full grown beard. That can be a difficult time, but you should go on and don’t shave it. So, you have to live with that awkward beard for some time or you should find a way to shield yourself from the outside world, but that does not seem like a healthy thing to do.

So, how long does it take to grow a thicker beard? Unfortunately that is not easy to say, because it is very personal. Every man’s beard is growing in its own pace, that is just something genetic. But you can help nature a little bit. You should live healthy, watch your diet, exercise enough and sleep enough. Below we will go more into detail regarding those 4 points!

1. Nutrition:

The somewhat controversial Paleo diet has a positive effect on the growth of your beard. What is Paleo? All right, just a short summary below.

The Paleo diet is a diet of lifestyle based on our ancestors that lived about 10.000 years ago (before agriculture). Those humans ate more meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds and they did not eat carbs like grains, potatoes and rice. They also didn’t ate diary. There is a small group of people that use that diet nowadays to achieve weight loss or because they think it is a healthier diet than other ones.

This Paleo diet contains more proteins and good fats. Protein stimulates facial hair growth. Sugar is slowing this process down on the other hand, so you should take care of your nutrition to grow a thicker beard. We are not saying you should start doing Paleo all of a sudden, but you should be aware that your diet influences a lot of things including the speed of hair growth.

2. Exercise:

When you are exercising in a gym and play with weights a lot, your body will produce more testosterone in your body. This hormone is linked to the hair growth of men. You should especially do exercises that combine multiple muscle groups. So, add squats and dead lifts to your routine and do some cardio occasionally.

3. Sleep:

Getting enough sleep is very important for a lot of things, like your health in general or being able to concentrate and learn things. And sleep is necessary so your muscles can regenerate after a hard work-out. But sleep will also speed-up your beard growing process. You should try to get at least about 6 to 8 hours of sleep each day. Some people can do with less and others need a little bit more, but you can better have some more rest then having too little.

4. Patience:

Yes, I know it is a little bit obvious, but it is perhaps the most important of those 4 points. Growing a beard cost a lot of time and perseverance. You don’t grow a beard in 1 day, at least, most men don’t. So, take your time and do not smoke and mind your alcohol consumption a bit. When you take care of your lifestyle you simultaneously take care of your beard.


As you can see you can influence the speed of a thicker beard a little, but most of all you need perseverance. And when you managed to create a mighty beard then you need to take good care of it. That is why we have great beard care products. In our next blog we will talk some more about beard care and what kind of products are out there and what they do. And when that blog is online your beard will already have grown a little longer ??