Healthy living can be quite simple, if you only know what is healthy for you. This sounds very simple, but every day there are conflicting reports in the media about healthy living. One expert says this, the other says that. Until recently, food fats were a culprit for a healthy life. And cholesterol was an enemy number 1 for a healthy life. New insights and research, however, show the opposite. I have identified 10 proven ways for you that can contribute to a healthy life.

The tips below for a healthy life may sound very logical. But they only contribute to a healthier version of yourself if you do something with it.

Do you sometimes also yourself wonder that you know what is good/healthy for you, but that you do not?

Ok, enough about this. Below you will find the 10 proven tips for a healthy life.

1. Be moderate with sugar

Sugar is tasty, sugar is unhealthy (1). It is not called the silent assassin for nothing. Sugar ensures that you want to eat more of something, so you unnoticeably get too many calories. Sugar is therefore also associated with overweight. It does not in any way fit in a healthy life.

2. Avoid added sugars

Sugar is processed in very, very much food. You mainly find it in junk food and processed foods. It may be that you do not even realize that you get sugar (2). The average Dutch person spends more than 30 kilos of sugar per year unnoticed.

You will find these hidden sugars mainly in soft drinks, sweetened desserts, gingerbread, muesli bars, processed cereals and in chips. And they are also in processed meat products and often also in diet products. How strange is that?

3. Eat fatty fish

Fatty fish such as salmon, herring, mackerel and sardines contain a lot of healthy omega 3 fats. It is not for nothing that you are advised to eat oily fish twice a week. Fatty fish contains the healthy omega 3 fats.

Omega 3 fats are good for your brain, your blood circulation, your blood pressure and it even helps with weight loss. Omega 3 fats are also the healthy counterpart to the pro-inflammatory omega 6 fats.

But what about the toxic substances in fish. Well, scientists at Harvard University indicate that the drawbacks of the toxins that fish could contain do not outweigh the health benefits (3).

4. Eat nuts

By eating a handful of walnuts regularly, you promote a healthy life. Did you know that daily eating a handful of walnuts drastically reduces the risk of heart disease (4)? Walnuts have protective effects against cardiovascular diseases.

5. A lot of vegetables and fruit

That fruit and vegetables are in this list and that they contribute to a healthy life, you will not be surprised. But why are vegetables and fruit actually healthy? Fruit and vegetables contain healthy substances such as fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants. These substances need your body daily in order to function properly.

The official recommendations in the Netherlands (from the Nutrition Center) are too low in my opinion. According to these official recommendations, 2 us vegetables and 2 pieces of fruit a day contribute to a healthy life (5). I eat much more vegetables per day. I eat something less, honestly. I process fruit and vegetables daily in smoothies.

The Nutrition Center (and other (inter) national authorities) recommend that carbohydrate-rich foods such as bread and pasta be used as a basis for a healthy life. But this is precisely the problem.

A surplus of those carbohydrates could cause obesity and degenerative diseases. Carbohydrates do, however, need you, but you can also get from vegetables and fruit. This is a lot healthier (6).

6. Drink water

Water is essential for a healthy life. After all, your body consists of 70% water. Without water you dry out and you die quite quickly. Water helps to lose weight. By drinking water you stimulate the calorie burning a bit.

If you want to know more about it, then read e-book Your Metabolism Boost .

Drinking a glass of water can also suppress feelings of hunger. If you drink water instead of soft drinks, you will get a lot less calories anyway.

Do you find the taste of water boring? Then make your own soda by adding mint, cucumber, fresh ginger, lime or lemon to your water. Water contributes well to a healthy life (7).

7. Be nice to your intestines

All your food ends up in your gut. There are billions of bacteria in your guts that, among other things, ensure that the nutrients are released from the food. Also, all those billions of bacteria ensure that your immune system stays in tact, so that you do not get sick.

Fiber-rich food, from whole grains, vegetables and fruit contributes to the proper functioning of your intestines.

Do you want to know more about healthy living and do not have a lot of time to find out everything yourself? No point, I did this for you. Also read the e-book Healthy In 10 Steps . After purchase you can download it directly from the site. So you have the e-book directly at home!

8. Do not be afraid of fat

Healthy dietary fats contribute to a healthy life. But for a long time we have been frightened by the share of dietary fats in our food.

It was mainly about saturated fats. These fats would not be good for you. They would cause your cholesterol to rise and therefore cardiovascular diseases would be lurking. There is not much left of that hypothesis.

Cholesterol , for example, is a substance in the body and has a lot of positive and healthy properties. Also, your nutrition but bad affects a very small part of your cholesterol level (8). So you can eat egg, grass-fed beef, chicken, poultry and game with peace of mind.

9. Bake in coconut fat

There are many reasons for using coconut fat. For example, coconut fat helps with weight loss and it has an anti-inflammatory effect. Coconut fat also helps with the absorption of other nutrients. Although coconut fat is a form of saturated fat, it does your body well (9).

10. Candy wisely

Everyone has a tendency, so I too. You know it, the pull when you’re waiting for a train, or the appetite just before dinner. The temptation is then great to take a candy, a cookie or whatever is available. Well, you can hardly take away that temptation. There is a lot of food offered, but you can eat more sensibly.

How can you eat sensibly ? You can eat sensibly, for example, by eating an egg during lunch. An egg is saturated properly. Anyway, you can also eat a handful of raw nuts, or some dried fruit. Personally, for example, I love dried figs. Figs contain a lot of magnesium and that dust is again involved in about 300 important body processes.

How to grow a mighty beard?

Beards make a man look hotter. And we don’t mean that little stubble beard, but a long and full beard, that’s what this blog is all about. How do you grow a long beard and how to take care of it? In this blog we will talk about factors that influence the growth of your beard and how you can help your beard a little bit during that process. In our next blog we will tell you how to take proper care of that big beard of yours.

How to grow a full beard faster?

Well, growing a beard is not very heard actually. You just stop shaving and take good care of it. But of course there will be a moment that your beard has grown a little but does not look very great yet, because it is too long for a stylish stubble beard and too short for a full grown beard. That can be a difficult time, but you should go on and don’t shave it. So, you have to live with that awkward beard for some time or you should find a way to shield yourself from the outside world, but that does not seem like a healthy thing to do.

So, how long does it take to grow a thicker beard? Unfortunately that is not easy to say, because it is very personal. Every man’s beard is growing in its own pace, that is just something genetic. But you can help nature a little bit. You should live healthy, watch your diet, exercise enough and sleep enough. Below we will go more into detail regarding those 4 points!

1. Nutrition:

The somewhat controversial Paleo diet has a positive effect on the growth of your beard. What is Paleo? All right, just a short summary below.

The Paleo diet is a diet of lifestyle based on our ancestors that lived about 10.000 years ago (before agriculture). Those humans ate more meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds and they did not eat carbs like grains, potatoes and rice. They also didn’t ate diary. There is a small group of people that use that diet nowadays to achieve weight loss or because they think it is a healthier diet than other ones.

This Paleo diet contains more proteins and good fats. Protein stimulates facial hair growth. Sugar is slowing this process down on the other hand, so you should take care of your nutrition to grow a thicker beard. We are not saying you should start doing Paleo all of a sudden, but you should be aware that your diet influences a lot of things including the speed of hair growth.

2. Exercise:

When you are exercising in a gym and play with weights a lot, your body will produce more testosterone in your body. This hormone is linked to the hair growth of men. You should especially do exercises that combine multiple muscle groups. So, add squats and dead lifts to your routine and do some cardio occasionally.

3. Sleep:

Getting enough sleep is very important for a lot of things, like your health in general or being able to concentrate and learn things. And sleep is necessary so your muscles can regenerate after a hard work-out. But sleep will also speed-up your beard growing process. You should try to get at least about 6 to 8 hours of sleep each day. Some people can do with less and others need a little bit more, but you can better have some more rest then having too little.

4. Patience:

Yes, I know it is a little bit obvious, but it is perhaps the most important of those 4 points. Growing a beard cost a lot of time and perseverance. You don’t grow a beard in 1 day, at least, most men don’t. So, take your time and do not smoke and mind your alcohol consumption a bit. When you take care of your lifestyle you simultaneously take care of your beard.


As you can see you can influence the speed of a thicker beard a little, but most of all you need perseverance. And when you managed to create a mighty beard then you need to take good care of it. That is why we have great beard care products. In our next blog we will talk some more about beard care and what kind of products are out there and what they do. And when that blog is online your beard will already have grown a little longer ??

Medications Recommended In Skin Infection

Prescription antibiotics battle different kinds of bacteria. They impede the production of proteins in the germs. Without bacteria, the bacteria can not grow any further. Some bacterial species even die off. Some prescription antibiotics can be used straight to the skin in an ointment cream or gel. Examples are mupirocin, fusidic acid and tetracycline.

Penicillin prescription antibiotics to be taken and injected
Penicillin antibiotics kill numerous kinds of bacteria and have an excellent absorption in the body. They obstruct a protein that plays a crucial function in bacterial development, triggering the bacterium to pass away off.

A variety of penicillin prescription antibiotics have a particular effect versus particular types of pathogens. Due to the fact that of this specific result and the excellent absorption, these representatives are used in infections of the skin. Generally an antibiotic is prescribed for regional usage, for example in a cream or lotion. If this does not help adequately, or if it is a serious skin infection, an antibiotic is recommended. Examples are pheneticillin, phenoxymethyl penicillin and flucloxacillin.

In some clients the amoxicillin is broken down by bacteria so that it can not function. Clavulanic acid neutralizes this and thus enhances the impact of amoxicillin. Example is amoxicillin in combination with clavulanic acid.

You might also receive the penicillin antibiotic by injection. Examples are benzylpenicillin and flucloxacillin.

Cephalosporin antibiotics to be taken and injected
Cephalosporin antibiotics eliminate many kinds of germs. They block a protein that plays an essential function in bacterial development, triggering the germs to pass away off. Usually an antibiotic is recommended for regional use, for example in a cream or lotion. If this does not assist sufficiently, or if it is a serious skin infection, an antibiotic is prescribed. Examples are cefaclor, cephalexin, cefuroxime.

In case of an extreme skin infection, you may get an injection of a cephalosporin antibiotic. Examples are ceftazidem, cephalotin and cefotaxime.

Chinolon antibiotics to take
Chinolone prescription antibiotics are agents that hinder the growth of numerous kinds of germs. They obstruct a protein that plays an essential function in bacterial development. As a result, the bacteria can not multiply and die off. Examples are ciprofloxacin and moxifloxacin.

Macrolide antibiotics

Macrolide antibiotics are agents that inhibit the growth of many kinds of bacteria. They intervene in the protein production within the bacterium. A germs can not continue to grow without proteins. This causes the bacterium to pass away. Examples are azithromycin, clarithromycin and erythromycin.

Tetracycline prescription antibiotics
Tetracycline prescription antibiotics are representatives that hinder the growth of numerous types of bacteria. They prevent the protein production of the bacterium. A germs that can not produce a protein can no longer increase and pass away off. Examples are doxycycline, minocycline and tetracycline.

Clindamycin is an antibiotic that prevents the growth of lots of kinds of germs. It intervenes in the protein production within the bacterium. A germs can not continue to grow without proteins. This triggers the bacterium to die. Clindamycin is mainly used against germs that are insensitive to other prescription antibiotics and people who are hypersensitive to penicillins.

Metronidazole eliminates certain bacteria and is used in severe skin infections with infected stinking wounds. Metronidazole can then be utilized in a cream or gel that is used straight to the skin, or in tablets. Examples are metronidazole to consume and metronidazole on the skin.

Fusidic acid to be taken
Fusidic acid inhibits the development of numerous types of bacteria. It hinders the production of proteins in the bacteria. Without germs, germs can not grow any further. The body hence gets the time to clean up the germs. Some bacterial types even pass away off.

Linezolid prevents the bacterium from producing proteins. A bacterium can not continue to grow without proteins and pass away off.

Disinfectants on the skin

Disinfectants eliminate different types of germs. They damage the cell wall of these bacteria, causing them to pass away. They are utilized on the skin to sanitize lightly infected scrapes or cuts. Likewise to prevent an infection or to disinfect the hands, for example. Examples are povidone iodine, cetrimide, chlorhexidine and chloroxylenol.

Silversulfadiazine kills many types of bacteria and the yeast Candida albicans. Silver sulfadiazine is utilized in extreme burns and bedsores to prevent infections with bacteria and the yeast Candida albicans.

Chamomile would be a little disinfectant, however very little is known about it. It can be utilized in case of small swellings of the skin It is offered without a prescription in cream, ointment or solution. When it comes to severe skin infections, it is insufficiently effective and the physician needs to be spoken with.

Antifungals on the skin.
Often a cream or lotion with an antifungal representative is utilized in case of a skin infection. An example of this is miconazole.

Causes Of Menstrual Irregularities

A lot of women see menstruation 11-13 times in a year. For that reason, irregular menstruation issues are likewise based on few A periods after the age at which they begin menstruation in ladies, beginning to reveal irregularities. To drive an a lay-out of menstruation, it has actually been fitted to drive a female’s hormonal agents. you found in the exact same period last irregular menstruation ‘menopause’ can be seen in the duration. The menopause period has started after the last 12 months.

Cause of abnormality

The following list likewise cause irregular menstruation, as specified in mevcuttur.ancak in most applications of irregular menstruation beyond these reasons, you require healthy bi treatment to find out the reason for the condition in information.

Listed below amenorea scenario in, other than for factors we composed might occur in pregnancy, health problem, and to see the long-lasting Overall beyond menopause (amenorrhea) is the state based upon the gel gelebilir.herh such as the illness in question if they are not present and 90 days amenorea present amenorrhea Overall respect for me mention professional bi is to suggest an a arts to seek advice from the.

Number of sebum disorder likewise organized this way they are able to:

Stress: Extreme weight gain and attenuation that can negatively impact our life scenarios, irregular diet plan programs, consume low-calorie foods

The birth control pill and control techniques: they can utilize irregular menstruation to trigger birth control pills, tablets started to use when to utilize abnormalities are enabled to continue for 6 months.

Uterine polyps or fibroids: harmless to see in the uterus, the adlandA rl can trigger the harmless cancer under the name of fibroids irregular menstruation, because these fibroids menstruation in resilience reveal medication gerektirmektedir.ki my fibroids uterine wall rapidly grown, surgically taken uterus of female’s health professionals.

Other causes of menstrual disorder

Obese increase or weight reduction
Heavy workout
Endometrial hyperplasia (uterine lining).
Uterine cancer.
Thyroid issues.
Kidney cirrhosis.
Systemic lupus.
Pregnancy problems are low or ectopic pregnancy.
Estrogen supplements.
Use of blood thinners.
Usage of intrauterine (Spray) for contraception.
Antidepressants utilize.

Is It Safe To Use Cosmetic In Pregnancy

For the ladies the pregnancy period is the most stunning and the ostrich is the most hard duration. In this period, the moms have to pay a lot of attention to health and other problems. One of the situations that should be considered are cosmetic products. We will aim to discuss in part in this short article.

Cosmetic items utilized throughout pregnancy

Pregnancy is a period of great care. If you are careful about eating and drinking throughout pregnancy, use it to your body and be careful with cosmetic items. Vitamins and minerals in edible or drinkable foods are collected in the skin of the body, and the cosmetics that are applied to the body take in the skin and reach the child directly through the blood. This can typically hurt your infant. Many components in cosmetic items are harmful to infants.
Is hair color damaging to females?

In response to this question, yes, your hair ought to not be exposed to chemicals in the first 3 months of pregnancy. Instead they have totally natural hair color and its use is recommended.

In addition to hair dyes, attention must be paid to making use of fragrance. Phthalates are used in fragrance to keep the scent long-term, which is also utilized in soaps or cleaning agents. And the phthalates are essential that the lady who is pregnant is a substance that has to keep away.
Sun rays can likewise harm the mom’s skin and of course at one, so that mom candidates need to be safeguarded from the sun’s rays.

Another factor to make aware throughout pregnancy is the substances, while the acetone material that is used when the substances are eliminated is also very chemical. For these reasons, you avoid all cosmetic items as much as possible during pregnancy.

With the desire to have an a healthy, pleased and peaceful pregnancy.