The influence of Intestinal flora on your Mood!

It has been clear for some time that many different factors are involved in the development of your emotions. For example, complicated processes in your brain and environmental conditions play a major role. However, more and more research shows that there is another major influence: your intestines!

Although research into this field is still in its infancy, it is now certain that your intestinal flora will not only control your digestion. Your brain is also seriously affected by the bacteria that live here! In today’s blog we tell you what is known so far about these fascinating conclusions. Wethe Brainys WTB

Your gut flora

Strangely enough, the microbes in your body are not yet as well-researched. Scientists did not start until 2012 to systematically map all these bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms. Only during this project does it become clear how much life actually lies in the human body!

It concerns more than 10,000 species, and so many microorganisms that there are around 10 living in our body for every cell in the body. All these microbes together weigh around one and a half kilos. A large part of those bacteria is located in your intestines, where they live off the food that you are digesting yourself.

Every bacterium for itself

The more than a thousand different types of bacteria in your gut naturally all live on different types of food. In addition, all species try as well as possible to survive. To make that easier, they can control your emotions and eating behavior! In this way, a bacterium ensures that you get an appetite for the food it needs.

Naturally, this is based on enormously complex processes, which are by no means all understood and known. However, it is important to remember that your gut flora can indeed have a huge impact on your mood. And even more essential, that influence does not always have to work in your favor!

How do your intestinal flora influence your mood?

But how can such tiny creatures have such an impact on you, you are probably wondering now? Different types of bacteria secrete different substances. Via the important nerve connection of the vagus nerve, these are then converted into signals to your brain.

So some bacteria make a kind of neurotransmitters that directly influence your eating behavior. Your intestines ‘talk’ to your brain, so to speak! And that can have far-reaching consequences. Certain substances can make you feel happier or more satisfied. Other more toxic substances, however , lead to stress , a disturbed sleep rhythm, feelings of anxiety or even depression.